Events  2021



LocalVirtual Symposium

Docomomo US National Symposium: Chicago at Crossroads

The 2020–2021 Docomomo US National Symposium, being held virtually from Chicago, will explore a thematic vision which views innovation and change through the lens of the Modern Movement. Experience Chicago’s history and the prospects for the recognition, interpretation, preservation and extension of these forms and ideas of modernism in the middle of America.



LocalVirtual Lecture

Building Brands: Corporations and Modern Architecture

In this illustrated talk organized by The Skyscraper Museum, Grace Ong Yan discusses her new book and describes how clients and architects together crafted buildings to reflect the company’s brand, focusing on carefully considering consumers’ perception and their emotions towards the architecture and the messages they communicated.



DOCOMOMO NY/TRIVirtual Lecture

Gas and Glamour: Roadside Architecture in LA

The next DOCOMOMO US/NY Tri-State chapter event picks up this year’s Travel & Leisure theme. Architectural photographer Ashok Sinha will be joined by architect Victor Newlove and writer/historian Chris Nichols in a conversation around Sinha’s book Gas and Glamour, a tribute to America’s golden age of the automobile in Los Angeles and the polychromatic, star-spangled structures that once lured the gaze of passing motorists.

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