MOD, ISSUE 1, 2014

DOCOMOMO New York/Tri-State is delighted to bring you a new publication. Mōd reflects the increasing awareness and appreciation of Modern architecture heritage—its cultural value, social significance and economic viability. Our goal is to put the movement’s buildings, history, proponents and ideals in a fresh perspective, especially as they relate to issues in our region.

About our title. Mod is shorthand for modern, which is what we’re all about. Mode is more than a style, it’s a manner or method of doing something, which is how we see the Modern Movement. Hence the diacritical mark that points both ways.

Front matter

Modernism Comes to Park Avenue and Adapts
–John Morris Dixon
Calculated Risk: I.M. Pei’s Everson Museum of Art
– Kimbro Frutiger
Like a Tent: Victor Lundy’s Hartford Unitarian Meeting House
– Michael J. Crosby
Greening the Glass Box: A Roundtable Discussion about Sustainability and Preservation
– Angel Ayón and Nina Rappaport
Fifty Years of Persistent Vision: The Benjamin Gerson Residence
– Meredith Arms Bzdak
Owners as Stewards: Breuer’s Lauck House in Princeton
– John Shreve Arbuckle
– John Kriskiewicz
Preservation by Expansion: Byram Shubert Library, Greenwich
– John Morris Dixon

Lost & Found
Modern Library
– Formica Forever, reviewed by Rich Ray
– The Houses of Louis Kahn, reviewed by Paul Glassman
– Fire Island Modernist: Horace Gifford and the Architecture of Seduction, reviewed by James Crispino
– After You Left/They Took It Apart: Demolished Paul Rudolph Houses, reviewed by David Sokol
What we do. President’s Note
Notes on Contributors