News September 2021

US Tour Day 2021: Sneak Peek for Tri-State

September 1, 2021

Docomomo US has just announced the initial list of events for Tour Day 2021! This October, Docomomo US, its local chapters, and partner organizations will host tours of modern sites across the country. Tour Day officially takes place the second Saturday of October, but tours can happen throughout the month.

NY/NJ/CT tours announced as of September 1:

  • Oct 9, Tour of the “Parkmart” Spiral, Albany, NY
  • Oct 9, Nivola: Sandscapes, guided exhibition tour, Cold Spring, NY, organized by New York Tri-state chapter
  • Oct 9, Hotel Marcel at the Pirelli Building (sold out), New Haven, CT
  • Oct 30, A “Heavenly Environment” the James Rose House and Garden, Ridgewood, NJ
  • Oct 30, Shofuso 63rd Anniversary “Finding a Bit of Japan” (Manitoga and the James Rose Center), Garrison, NY and Ridgewood, NJ

Find details for each event on Sneak Peek: Tour Day 2021