News May 2024

Photo courtesy Queens Historical Society.

Theaterama! honors 1964-65 World’s Fair

May 1, 2024

The Queens Theatre kicked off Theaterama!, a months-long celebration with events commemorating the 1964–1965 World’s Fair to mark its 60th anniversary. The series, named after the theater built for the New York State Pavilion, will run through October. It includes tours, talks, film, and artistic performances. To see a full calendar of events for Theaterama!, visit the website.

Queens Theatre is the premier performing arts venue in Queens. Queens Theatre’s mission is to provide quality and diverse performing arts activities that are economically and geographically accessible to the 2.2 million residents of Queens, the most ethnically diverse county in the nation, and the surrounding metropolitan region. To foster greater cultural awareness and appreciation, the Theatre presents and produces programs that reflect this diversity and features international, national and local artists.


“Theaterama honors 1964-65 World’s Fair,” Queens Chronicle, April 18, 2024.