News  2023

DOCOMOMO US/New York Tri-State at the National Symposium – Join Us

DOCOMOMO US/New York Tri-State is a presenting partner of the 2023 Docomomo US National Symposium in New Haven, CT. Read more to learn about the recipients of this year’s students and emerging professionals grant given in honor of John Morris Dixon, FAIA, symposium volunteering opportunities, and to get a sneak peak of our contribution to the symposium swag. Don’t miss out. Register now!

Proposed alterations to important Wallace Harrison designed library in Princeton

The Historical Studies and Social Sciences Library at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, designed by Wallace K. Harrison is under serious threat. Docomomo US and DOCOMOMO US/New York Tri-State penned a joint response letter to the IAS on May 5. Sign the petition.

Docomomo US National Symposium Call for Volunteers

Docomomo US is looking for volunteers for the 2023 National Symposium in New Haven. It is a great way to attend the symposium while saving on costs.