Events May 2023

LocalVirtual Lecture

Wildwood: Looking Back to America’s Promised Future with Daniel Vieyra and Mark Havens

May 17, 2023

The Society for Commercial Archeology hosts architect and preservationist Daniel Vieyra and photographer Mark Havens as they present the rich midcentury modern motel architecture of Wildwood, NJ, from two distinct viewpoints. Vieyra will discuss his preservation work with Steven Izenour on the 1990s design studios that cataloged, analyzed and evaluated the motels. The project ultimately identified clusters that coherently told the story of Wildwood’s evolution while allowing areas in between for new development. Havens will discuss his decade-long photography project documenting these structures that resulted in the monograph “Out of Season: The Vanishing Architecture of the Wildwoods”.

Wednesday May 17, 8:00 pm