Icons of Czech Avantgarde

Event May 22  

Iconic Houses Network heads to the Czech Republic—Prague, Brno and Pilsen—for a week-long program of house tours, expert lectures and talks that explore the 20th-century development of the Czech house and its place in the evolution of the International Style.

Architect Victor Lundy reaches 100


The architect of many Modernist landmarks, Victor Lundy is celebrating his 100th birthday on February 1. Read our short bio and check out an event celebrating his work on February 1.

Denise Scott Brown: A Symposium

Event Feb 8  

50 years after Learning from Las Vegas, this Symposium, organized by Frida Grahn and the Yale School of Architecture, presents new scholarship related to Denise Scott Brown’s groundbreaking studio methods,

Docomomo US theme for 2023 is Revisiting Urban Renewal


Each year Docomomo US identifies a programmatic theme. For 2023, it’s a look at the true roots, impacts and qualities of urban renewal in the U.S. to better understand the complexity and legacy of these projects. Not easy.

Kenneth Frampton: Modernization & the Presence of Architecture

Event Feb 1  

The Center for Architecture will host Kenneth Frampton as he explores the impact on architecture of a society undergoing constant technological modernization.

Centers of Innovation: Bell Labs Holmdel and Westinghouse R&D Center

Event Feb 1  

Preservation Pennsylvania is hosting a two-part webinar that will explore these two major examples of midcentury corporate campus design.

Columbus, IN: Mecca of Modern Architecture

Event Feb 26  

This MAS virtual tour goes beyond the five boroughs to Columbus, IN, which boasts vastly more significant modern architecture per capita than any other community in America

The Docomomo US 2023 National Symposium: Complexities of the Modern American City


The 2023 Docomomo US National Symposium will be held June 21–24 in New Haven, CT one of the country’s most densely woven collections of midcentury art, design, and architecture.

Conversation pit comeback?

Are conversation pits the antidote to endless hours in front of screens? Possibly. Check out conversation_pits on instagram for all the inspiration you’ll ever need. It’s a lot about the pillows.

The world is full of DOCOMOMO

Docomomo International recently added five country-level working parties: Bahrain, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. The organization now counts 77 working parties and more than 3,000 international-level members.

Shower in the spirit of FLW

It was only a matter of time. “With the stroke of his pencil he gave structure to life, and life to structure. That is a legacy that lives on.” Now, we’re told, in a new bathroom fixture collection from BRIZO. Catch the video.

Expand your MoMo horizons

Docomomo Journal is the peer-reviewed journal of Docomomo International that, since 1990, has provided a twice-yearly collection of recent and original research on the documentation and conservation of Modern Movement sites. The journal is now open access and digitized back to 2010. Peruse some great issues at our leisure.

Cats of Brutalism

Apparently cats like Brutalism a lot more than architectural pundits, civic leaders and everyday onlookers. This Instagram account—taglined a “daily dose of cats and concrete”—is all fun. If you’re on Instagram check out Julliard School, Pirelli Building, Whitney Museum and more.

Eames Office Explains Magnitude

Along with architecture, Charles and Ray Eames made their mark in short films. In Power of Ten, a 1977 film for IBM, the duo visualized the concept of magnitude and it still mesmerizes. Six million YouTube viewers couldn’t be wrong.